Sunday, March 15, 2009

Des Moines Loves Mary-Claire Bar Crawl

Last weekend Mary-Claire was in town from Chicago.  She doesn't get to Des Moines much, so I decided to show her some of my favorite spots.

When she got into town we walked to AK's to have some beers.  Todd and Stimmel met us there. AK's was full, as usual, so Mary-Claire was able to witness what an odd mix of patrons AK's has.  

Saturday morning Mary-Claire and I headed to breakfast at Gateway Market.  We had brunch there, but we didn't need to, as there were so many samples at the store.  We picked up some cheese made in Iowa by a guy with a huge unibrow, some salsa made in Cumming, and some sweet chibatta.  Full of samples and needing to get our grocery's home we headed back to my house and played some cribbage while we waited for Kathleen.

Once Kathleen arrived we chatted a bit and then headed to Costco.  By the time we got back it was time for dinner.  We headed down to Court Ave. for some food and to start the evenings festivities.

After CABCo we went to Fong's Chinese Pizza so that Mary-Claire could have a kamakazi.  As you can tell by the picture, she missed her calling.  Mary-Claire clearly should have been a fighter pilot.

Following Fong's we walked to El Bait Shop to try some of the 100+ beers on tap.  While Mary-Claire tried to pick her favorite beer from the Iowa beer flight (6 beer samples from Iowa), Carnahan showed us her talent of molding broken jewelry into hearts.  It was a crazy night.
After all of that excitement we headed home to bed.  We needed to get up early to make it to breakfast at the Waveland before Mary-Claire hit the road.

It was a wonderful visit, and I hope Mary-Claire comes back soon.  I can't wait to see her in a helmet again.


MamaLizKnits said...

looks like good times... ohh... the Waveland! So good. If I could just click my heels and teleport back there for breakfast. Mary-Claire has wicked cute hair, by the way.

mary-claire said...

I had so much fun! Thanks for showing me around. Since coming back to Chicago I have been telling tales of how cool Des Money can be. And I get to see it all again in May! Keep my helmet warm for me.