Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Great Day in Des Moines

Today was a great day.  It was sunny and warm out.  The perfect day to get outside and enjoy being with friends.  

I started the day at Gray's Lake.  Allyson and I walk there a lot in the summer.  It was the first day warm enough to do a few laps.  We were just finishing our first loop when we ran into Justin H.  At that point Allyson decided she wanted to go for a run too (this is in no way related to Justin showing up, she had mentioned that she might run when we got there).   It was fine with me, I just convinced Justin to take a recovery lap to talk with me.  After two laps I decided it was time to get some coffee in me, so I headed home to check out CBS Sunday Morning on the DVR.

After downing a few cups of coffee and discovering the wacky stuff that Bill Geist was up to last week, it was time to head out again.  I have really been enjoying my new bike.  On Friday I was out for 25 miles, so today I decided to up it.  I rode to Cumming and back, which is about 35 miles if you go through downtown (which we did).  I got up to 26 MPH on the downhill and 22 on a flat (OK, OK, a very slight slope down).  It was great.  Well, it was great except for heading up Sherman Hill.  Luckily I had Stimmel coaching me through the ride and feeding me Shot Bloks when I started to bonk.  

After a 4 mile walk and 35 mile ride I'm ready for some knitting before heading to bed early.  I haven't been at work since last Monday.  I hope I still remember my passwords.

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crosenfe said...

Too bad you didn't get a swim in, too. I guess you'll just settle for duathlete (or biathlete??):)

Very impressive!