Friday, January 23, 2009

Sporty Saturday

Last Saturday I spent the day as a sports fan.  UNI was in town playing Drake, so the UNI group got together to go see the game.  We met at AK's before the game, as it was a central location (and they have Bloody Marys).

We upped the number of purple shirts significantly as we entered the bar.  

After the basketball game we headed over to Justin's for some beer and snacks.  I couldn't stay too long, as I needed to get ready for my next sporting event.

Saturday night I went to my first Iowa Chops Hockey game.  I can't say enough about my distaste of the team name.  The lost the game.  I'm pretty sure it's because they are named after a cut of meat.

Even if they did loose, and I hate the name, it was still a wonderful time.  Monica was there, and I always enjoy catching up with her.

After the game I headed home to bed.  I like sports, but two sporting events in one day is incredibly tiring.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sushi Night

On Friday night I went out for one of my favorite foods, sushi.  Stimmel and I go to Taki a lot.  We like to sit at the sushi bar and talk to the chefs.  We get to ask them what we should try, and they like to give Stimmel Hennesy.

It should be noted that the chefs like to drink Hennesey. I think they just feel bad drinking it alone, so they give it to the customers that want to join them. 

Taki is great not only for the food and the chefs, but also for the puns it provides.  For example: what do my favorite sushi roll and youngest nephew have in common?  They are both a little Rowey*.

*the fish eggs on top of this roll are called roe

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Great 2008!

2008 was a weird year for me.  I had some difficult times, but overall, it was the best year I've ever had.  I decided to reflect on the year by picking out my favorite photo from each month. 

Looking at all the photos reminded me of what a blessed life I have.  Through the ups and downs of 2008 I had amazing friends that I could call on.  You have all made 2008 great!

UNI vs Drake.  I have a group of friends that gets together for UNI events in Des Moines.  I didn't know any of them at UNI, but we have managed to bond over our love of the Panthers, and are overwhelming awesomeness as people.  Allyson is one of my UNI buddies, and she's also one of the people I call if I need to talk.  You can bet I count her when I count my blessings.
Waller had a Super Bowl party.  Nate & Waller played Edward 40 hands.  I was in charge of the tape.  I am sad that I don't talk to these guys anymore.  I suppose that means I should call them. Hopefully they will show up at my kick ass huge graduation party in May (date to be announced, as a blog reader you are invited).
I took a big vacation through the South West this march.  I saw the Cubs at spring training and checked out the amazing scenery.  It was a lot of fun, yet the most awkward vacation I've ever taken.  Oh well.
In April I didn't do anything that warranted taking pictures.  I tried to use that as an excuse to use two pictures for May.  After some reflection I decided that the one picture I had from April really summed it all up.  

My life started to bloom in April.  It's not like I had a tragic life or anything.  I've always been blessed with family and friends that love me, and I have a really good life.  For some reason things just got even better in April.  
Holy cow May was a good month.  The most fun I had in May (which says a lot, as May was so awesome) was at the fund raiser for Stage West.  Sarah and I made so many friends, and as this photo shows, were able to stage some amazing photos.  
In June Tim had his horsey party.   Stimmel & I headed out and had some fancy appetizers and drank wine in the cleanest barn I've ever seen.  It's also when I realized that if you wear a shirt and unzipped hoodie of the same color you look ginormous in photos.
In July Todd and I started biking to Cumming.  It's about a 30 mi round trip from our street.  Stimmel would meet us there, as Todd and I are not as fast as him.  It's not that Todd and I are slow, it's that we have so much to talk about that we can't ride fast.  The three of us would meet at the Cumming Tap and have some beers.  After this winter, I can't wait to get out riding with them again.
I was pretty sure I was in love with him when he ate six corndogs at the state fair.  Seriously, isn't there something obscurely hot about that?
If you have a sister, I have to tell you that the best way to celebrate her birthday is by buying wigs together,  getting your makeup done, and going out in Chicago (watch out Kathleen, I have looked up all of the wig shops in the greater Des Moines area).
Megan and Mark got married.  It was a beautiful wedding.  I spent a lot of the reception talking to Nate.  He is a wonderful guy, and we tell each other everything.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful cousins (of the Runchey & McCarty persuasion).
In November Tim and I went to go see Dolly.  I could talk about Thanksgiving and all sorts of wonderful things....but it possible to top Dolly?
This Christmas we got a special gift - Bill & family were visiting from Australia.  I rarely get to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins, but every time we do see each other we get along great.  I wish we could see them more often, even if I do feel like a little person next to them.
In conclusion....2008 was an amazing year for me.  I can only hope that 2009 is half as good.  I do have to say, after such a big year, I am pretty tired.  I think this picture from New Years Eve sums it up best.
Here's to you in 2009.  May you have a year as amazing as my 2008.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mug Club

At Court Ave. Brewing Company they have a Mug Club.  The deal is you pay the membership fee, you get a mug and a t shirt, and a discount on beer all year long.  After a three year absence I rejoined the mug club.  So did Derek.  Tonight there was a mug club party, so Derek and I decided to head down to the bar to check it out.  I wanted to break in mug #24, Derek wanted to break in #37, and we both wanted a drink.
Derek enjoyed a free brat and I piled some veggies and potato chips on a bun (don't knock it until you've tried it).  We talked about what we had planned for the rest of the night.  I planned on knitting and watching TV.  He planned on heading home for a while before he heads to Buffalo Wild Wings at 10:15.  I will be in bed at 10:15.  We lead vastly different lives, but manage to meet over beer to talk about what is going on in each other's lives.
I think that is one of the best things about CABCo.  I have a lot of friends from that pub.  They all lead lives different from mine, but we all get along and care about each other.  There is just something about that place that brings people together.  I wish that everyone could have a bar or a coffee shop that means as much to them as CABCo means to me.