Sunday, February 19, 2012

Awesome Neighbors

John and I have lots of good neighbors. Two of our favorite neighbors are Ricky and Kelly. They are genuinely nice people, and they invite us over.

Ricky is an accomplished home brewer with a five tap system in the basement. He makes delicious beer...and cider and bread and sake and tonic. This morning he stopped over with a pint fore me to try of his new rum raisin cider. It was by far the best cider I have ever had.

John & I will be having Ricky and Kelly over soon, but we will be serving them store bought beverages. We'll just go overboard with homemade baked goods.


Mike said...

When you do, be sure to share the tale on!

Jess said... there something about farts I don't know about.....can't be true. It looks like you have been busy!