Monday, July 28, 2008

Pie one on

Sometimes I obsess over trying new recipes. I'll read it in a magazine or a cookbook and won't be able to stop thinking about it. Such was my experience with Blueberry Pie from the July & August issue of Cook's Illustrated. I love blueberries, and the instructions were clear and concise. I started dreaming about making the pie.

On Saturday I went to Costco with Kathleen. There, in the produce section I found what I needed - a huge package of blueberries. Kathleen estimated that there were about 10 cups of blueberries in the package. Due to constantly reading the recipe I knew that that was more than enough blueberries for the pie. I bought the blueberries, went home, and got to work on the crust.

The pie crust seemed simple to make when I read about it. I suppose it would be if I had a large enough food processor. I struggled through the dough making process and now know to prep the dough in two batches.

After fighting with the dough I decided to call it a day and finish up on Sunday. I didn't work up my pie making energy until about 5. I did not think that would be a problem. Then I did the math and realized that by the time I assembled, baked, and let the pie rest for four hours I would be in bed. Tasting the pie would have to wait until Monday.

I finally got to taste the pie today. I'm usually a cereal or a granola bar for breakfast type of girl, but this morning I was all about the pie. It was delicious. It is fresh tasting, and the filling isn't runny. The crust even tastes good (but it certainly does not look pretty).

The problem with trying out new recipes is that I end up with more than I could possibly eat. Luckily I have a wonderful friend and neighbor that volunteers to help me eat baked goods. I filled a few paper plates with pie and walked down to Todd's house. He gladly accepted my pie, and plans to eat it for dinner.

I'm looking forward to perfecting my pie making skills, as well as trying my next recipe obsession - creamy tomato soup without the cream. I'll let you know how it turns out.


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Monica said...

oh my gosh! I totally love making pies (my friend Yvette from Savannah taught me how, with an all butter crust from scratch that isn't hard at all! I use my kitchenaid mixer thought instead of a food processor) and we should absolutely have a pie baking day!!! It's definetely ok if the crust doesn't look pretty- those are usually the ones that taste the best! beleive me! ;D

I may have to recruit your help in October- Andrew's family reunion is that year and they told me last year not to even bother showing up if I didn't have at least 6 pies! lol! (I only brought two last year-a cherry and an apple- and it wasn't nearly enough for everyone!) :D

Deirdre said...

I hope you'll share your soup recipe.

By the way, this post has one of my favorite titles, ever.

crosenfe said...

I so saw that Creamy Tomato Soup without the Cream recipe, and I am desperate to try it. I have to wait til it cools off outside, though. Props on the pie! I f'ing love Cooks Illustrated recipes. It's just that they take so much time. They're always worth the effort, though.