Friday, October 24, 2008

Cooper's Haircut

Cooper got his haircut today. He looks much cuter with long hair, but he smells much less with short hair. With the mud and fallen leaves of fall, he's also much easier to keep clean with a shorn look.

In addition to smelling better, after his haircut you can tell that his tumor did not grow over the summer, so that is great news. We are off to take a walk now, Cooper likes showing off after he gets a haircut.


essjay said...

Cooper looks great! My two are finding the most disgusting things to roll in this fall - they need a bath! I hope Cooper got many compliments on his fine haircut while on your walk.

Winky333 said...

Ahh, Cooper. :-) Mayzie is in desperate need of a bath, I don't seem to have gotten that done yet, though.