Thursday, October 23, 2008

RIP Pumpkin Nuts Beer

Tonight I went to happy hour with Allyson, Beth, and Ryan. It started out as a wonderful time. We got caught up on all sorts of work gossip, our lives, etc. The merriment lasted for about an hour before something quite sad happened. Court Ave. ran out of Pumpkin Nuts beer.

James erases Pumpkin Nuts from the beer list

Pumpkin Nuts beer was a great beer. It tasted like a good beer with a hint of pumpkin. Most pumpkin beers taste like pie. Don't get me wrong, I like pie, but I prefer my beer to taste more like, well, beer.

So it was with a sad note that we ended happy hour. I'm sure I'll be able to recover from the loss of the pumpkin beer, but it may take some time (and a few more happy hours).

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Winky333 said...

Pie-y beer doesn't sound good at all. I didn't know there was pumpkin beer...I have so much to learn in the beer world. :-)