Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sushi Night

On Friday night I went out for one of my favorite foods, sushi.  Stimmel and I go to Taki a lot.  We like to sit at the sushi bar and talk to the chefs.  We get to ask them what we should try, and they like to give Stimmel Hennesy.

It should be noted that the chefs like to drink Hennesey. I think they just feel bad drinking it alone, so they give it to the customers that want to join them. 

Taki is great not only for the food and the chefs, but also for the puns it provides.  For example: what do my favorite sushi roll and youngest nephew have in common?  They are both a little Rowey*.

*the fish eggs on top of this roll are called roe

1 comment:

slipsec said...

They made me drink something with a raw quail egg, saki, and spice.

I suffered through.