Friday, January 23, 2009

Sporty Saturday

Last Saturday I spent the day as a sports fan.  UNI was in town playing Drake, so the UNI group got together to go see the game.  We met at AK's before the game, as it was a central location (and they have Bloody Marys).

We upped the number of purple shirts significantly as we entered the bar.  

After the basketball game we headed over to Justin's for some beer and snacks.  I couldn't stay too long, as I needed to get ready for my next sporting event.

Saturday night I went to my first Iowa Chops Hockey game.  I can't say enough about my distaste of the team name.  The lost the game.  I'm pretty sure it's because they are named after a cut of meat.

Even if they did loose, and I hate the name, it was still a wonderful time.  Monica was there, and I always enjoy catching up with her.

After the game I headed home to bed.  I like sports, but two sporting events in one day is incredibly tiring.

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mary-claire said...

those seats at the hockey arena look luxurious. who knew?!