Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winter Market

You may have picked up on my love of the Downtown Farmer's Market. Sadly, the market only runs though the end of October. That's a shame, because greenhouses allow for fresh greens almost year round. Eggs, meat, and cheese can also be produced in the winter. Granted, most people wouldn't spend most Saturday mornings in January out on the street, but I would.

Luckily the market and I have reached a compromise. One Saturday in November and one Saturday in December there is an indoor Winter Market. John and I headed there this afternoon. I picked up some Maytag blue cheese, Kim's Christmas present, and some bok choy. John picked up some cheddar and a 25 lb turkey.

We ran into Carla and Sara from knitting and exchanged fall market recipe ideas. John didn't seem too excited about the butternut squash soup that uses tofu as a thickener, but I can't wait to try it. We also talked to some vendors, one of which convinced me to join the Iowa Food Cooperative. That will allow me to buy directly from farmers year round, and my order will be dropped off at Merle Hay Mall, which is closer to my house than Hy Vee.

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essjay said...

I made the soup this morning so look for a blog post soon with the recipe! :) It was good to see you two. I love the idea of the food cooperative...I wish I took the time to cook more and make it worth it. Maybe that could be a new years resolution (even though I don't believe in those!:) ).