Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mary-Claire!

Last weekend I headed to Chicago to help Mary-Claire celebrate her birthday. It was a quick trip, so I didn't get a chance to see everyone in Chicago that I would have liked. I got into Chicago about 1:30 AM Saturday morning and left before 9 AM on Sunday. It was a lot of car time for not much time with Mary-Claire, but it was worth it!

After sleeping in a bit on Saturday we headed to the coffee shop to grab coffee and bagels. After we carb loaded for the action packed day ahead of us we headed to Jen's. The three of us headed to a bar to watch the Hawkeye game.

The bar was crowded. Crazy crowded. New Years Eve in downtown Des Moines crowded. It was not a pleasant experience. We finished our beers and left. Kathleen was kind enough to call us with score updates, so we were able to celebrate the Hawkeye win.

We did not let the lack of football get us down. We hopped on the train and headed downtown to H&M. We didn't find anything worth buying, so we headed over to Macy's. At Macy's we got our eye makeup done and had false eyelashes put on. It was in preparation for what was coming next: wig purchasing.

It was my first trip to a wig store, but I don't think it will be my last. Mary-Claire and I both got long wigs. After picking them out we headed back to her apartment to get ready.

For dinner we opted for sushi. We both love sushi, so it seemed like a great choice. We got a table in the front window and were able to people watch as we waited for the food.

Unfortunately the sushi was not very good. Fortunately, we were meeting her friends at Small Bar for drinks after dinner. Small Bar has the best cheese curds I have ever had. I'm not normally a cheese curd fan, but just the thought of these cheese curds is enough to get me drooling.

After Small Bar we headed to another bar where an arm wrestling tournament broke out. Todd and Jen were both excellent arm wrestlers. I found out first hand that Jen does not know her own strength. While arm wrestling her she said "are you even trying?" My arm wrestling championship dreams were crashed.

After arm wrestling it was time to split a burrito. Todd took this picture while we waited for our burrito. If we ever record a country album I think this will be the cover.

It was a fun weekend in Chicago. I encourage all of you to go buy a wig. They are incredibly fun to wear out.


mary-claire said...

I had such a great birthday! Thanks for coming up for it and making it wig-tastic!

Ivy said...

You're my hero, Sarah - you have a country album cover already in your inventory. I can only DREAM of being so prepared. :)

bottled_milk said...

it was a joy to have you visit our fine city.

Monica said...

i love the wigs and the country music album cover! ;D It reminds me of the Watson twins (Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, "Rabbit Fur Coat", great album you must check out if not familiar with). wigs are so much fun! you gals look great!

A said...

Omg, how effing awesome was your weekend?! I so wish the OC could be as rad as that. Everything here is tooOoOooOootally laaaaaame. Shut UP bitch, I'm so jealous, I'm freakin wigging out! stfu jk lolz omg ttfn bffz 4evaaaaaz!!!

Winky333 said...

Wow you look different with addition to your head! I had to look close to figure out who was whom....too funny!

Deirdre said...

Any chance that Cap'n Potato likes wigs? I'm envisioning a long-haired St. Patrick's Day parade...