Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday Funday

I had a great weekend. On Saturday night I learned how to make the best pie crust I've ever had (and I'm not one to shy away from pie). After grilling out and watching some CNN I called it a night before midnight. It was a fun Saturday, but not a wild and crazy one by any means. Which is good, because Sunday was jam packed.

On Sunday morning I had a group meeting for school at 9. The guy that was only able to meet before 10 showed up a half hour late. Luckily he's so much of a pain that we were able to get most of the work done before he showed up. The meeting was at Panera, so I had a lot of coffee. Normally I would have gone for a bagel, but I knew what was coming next.....brunch.

After my meeting I picked up Stimmel and headed to the Drake Diner for mediocre coffee. The food, coffee, and service at the Drake Diner are not exactly top notch - with the notable exception of pumpkin pancakes. The pancakes are so amazing I insist on returning to the diner, even though the Waveland Cafe has much better coffee, service, and non-pumpkin pancake food.

6 cups of coffee induced one heck of a caffeine high. I knew to keep going I needed to push through the impending crash.

I called Aunt Kathy and we headed to the Happy Apple Orchard for our yearly apple picking expedition. As we picked a peck I tried to snap pictures. Aunt Kathy was happy to take pictures of me, but was a little camera shy this year. I included my favorite picture of her from last year, because everyone deserves to see the "Super Butt" picture.

After picking apples I walked to AK's to meet Ellen. We've been pretty busy, so we hadn't been there in a while. Things seem to be slowing down a bit, so we should be able to meet there more often,. I always enjoy catching up with Ellen.

After AK's it was time to celebrate Andrew's birthday. Monica, Nikki, and I talked books, and discussed starting a book club. I hope we find the time to do it.

Just thinking about all that I did on Sunday makes me tired. I think I'll head to bed now.


Deirdre said...

What a perfect day. I'm happily exhausted on your behalf. Thanks for the Super Butt picture, and for hanging out with my mommy.

Monica said...

wow, I had no idea you had such a packed day before you came!!! I just figured you had a lazy Sunday! (meanwhile, we were cleaning right up until you guys came!)
I hope we can do the book club too! I would love that! I need to get "Friday Night Knitting Club"