Friday, September 4, 2009


Ah. The weekend. A long weekend at that. I decided to spend my evening trying to unwind and get ready for a weekend filled with a trip home to Cedar Falls, hiking Browns Woods, and cleaning my house.

Prior to unwinding I needed to meet with Ann so I could talk with her about her dogsitting duties this weekend. Luckily Cooper is an easy dog to care for, so after 5 minutes of explanation we decided it would be best to go have a cocktail on the roof bar at Tally's (formerly B&B).

Tally's is pretty much the same as B&B, but their drinks are about $1 more each. A little expensive, but if you're only going for one it really doesn't make much of a difference. After a $5 margaritas we headed home. It was great talking to her and catching up. I'm really enjoying her being back in Iowa. I can't say Tally's will be my #1 choice when heading out in Beaverdale, but it does make the top 5.

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