Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot Toddy at B&B

Tonight Hot Toddy and I finally had a chance to catch up. We hadn't hung out since my graduation party. We were going to go for a ride, but decided that we would get more talking done over dinner.

The weather was amazing so we opted for a patio in Beaverdale. We gave B&B a shot. B&B has a great rooftop patio. You get a bit of a view of Beaverdale and you get to feel cool, because you're sitting on a roof. Unfortunately, their food is usually pretty blah. Tonight we decided to go with the build a quesedilla option, and it paid off. Who knew that black beans, shrimp, and jalapenos would make a tasty combo?

Most of the evening wasn't spent eating the quesedilla. Much of it was spent laughing at catching up with each other. We had a great time catching up, sharing stories, and laughing our way into the evening.

Don't worry, I won't skip riding two days in a row. I'm headed to Cumming tomorrow night, and Hot Toddy will be joining me.

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