Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cook Off

This weekend I was involved in a cook off. It was a fierce competition. Neither Bailey nor I take any prisoners in the kitchen, and we can both be competitive.

Our ingredients for the challenge were a secret that was revealed to us at the start of the 30 minute cook off. The ingredients were eggs, honey, apples, English muffins, and tomatoes.

As soon as we found out what our ingredients were we started cooking. We were both pretty quiet as we cooked. We needed to concentrate.

After cooking and plating our meals we headed in to the judging area. The competition was pretty intense.

Bailey made a tomato and cheese omelet, baked apples, and caramelized toasted English muffins.

I made honey baked apples, English muffin French toast, and a tomato grape and apple fruit compote (which was surprisingly delicious).

Bailey and I are even competitors now. I am worried about our next cook off. By the time she gets to junior high she's going to be a better cook than me. I will happily eat her cooking any time.


essjay said...

I love it and would have loved to be a judge - both dishes sound fantastic!

Bailey said...

And she has told everyone about the cook-off. Such a great time!! She is ready to challenge you at dinner and I will happily volunteer to judge again.