Friday, October 9, 2009


Today was the fourth annual Ourtoberfest. It ended up being a beautiful day. A little chilly, but nothing too bad.

We started out with lunch at Fong's. They have great pizza. I had crab on my pizza and Allyson and Seymour had something filled with meat with corn on it. We were all pretty happy with what we had.
TC's brother Dan joined us from Florida. He was pretty impressed with the helmet you get to wear when you have a kamikaze.

After Fong's we headed to the Royal Mile. That's where the competition for Bar BINGO really started to heat up. We had to initiate a few rules after a few heated arguments.

After the Mile we headed to CABCo.
At CABCo we discovered that Dan is an actual cartographer. He's won awards and everything. He was very annoyed at the Court Ave. district maps, which are pretty much awful.
Group shot (from L to R): TC ,Dan, Seymour, Allyson, John, me)

After CABCo we hit up El Bait Shop. At El Bait Shop they have some amazing pumpkin beer. I was in heaven.
Seymour and John did not have pumpkin beer, but they still had a good time. Seymour was especially happy because he won Ourtoberfest Bar BINGO. I got second place and TC got third. We all got prizes. Matching shirts, prizes, and an afternoon of eating and drinking...yeah, it was a pretty good day.

The last spot on the list was the High Life Lounge.

At the High Life we played some Silver Strike. I was not on my game. I actually got so frustrated with myself I started complaining about the state of the machine. The roller ball didn't roll freely, but normally I wouldn't complain about it (after all, who wants to be so in to video bowling she gets upset at the machine?).

One of my favorite parts of Silver Strike was how TC wouldn't put down his menu to bowl.

As far as Ourtoberfests go, I think this one was the best so far. In fact, you could say it has a high score. Unlike Seymour, who only got the second highest Silver Strike.

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