Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

Aunt Kathy and I originally planned on driving up to Cedar Falls the night before Thanksgiving Due to the weather and me working late we decided it made more sense to just get up and go Thanksgiving morning. I was sad, as that meant less time with my family. It ended up being OK, however, as I was able to catch up with Michelle.

Michelle moved to Omaha last summer. She's managing the Twisted Fork in the Old Market area. As sad as I am that she's not here anymore, I am happy that she is making new friends that aren't total losers (other than Stimmel, Derek, and me her friends in Des Moines are not super awesome).

We headed to the Continental for some tapas and basil martinis. John and Nich stopped in to say hi before they headed off to dinner. We all enjoyed catching up and sharing stories. It was a great night.
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