Monday, June 14, 2010

Maker Monday: week 24

I was supposed to be working on Christmas presents this week. It didn't happen. I came into some yarn last weekend and it was so nice and squishy I couldn't put it down.

I made a smocked dishcloth. I was drawn to this pattern because it looks cool, but is mostly mindless knitting.
I had enough cotton left over to make a circular dishcloth after that.

Last week I found one of Mary-Claire's blog posts depressing, so I decided to make her a hat. She picked out the pattern when we were both home for Easter. This wool is soft and squishy, which will make for a good winter hat. I'm not sure if she'll like the color or not. I do, and when I'm knitting that is really what matters now isn't it? I think it will look nice with her clothes and will provide a pop of color in the midst of a dreary Chicago day.

After I finished the hat I had enough yarn left over for a beer coozie. I love it when my coozie matches my outerwear, so when making hats for others I like to whip one up if I have the yarn.

This week I'm going to work on Christmas presents if I finish the hat I'm working on. That hat is knit on size 4 needles and 8 inches are knit before you start decreasing. It's taking a long time.


essjay said...

I love that hat - it is fantastic!! Of course a can cozy to match is a must. I'm so impressed that you've already used some busted yarn....amazing! The cloths look great!

mary-claire said...

I AM SO EXCITED!! Now I can't wait until it gets cold! And is that an old Pepsi can that is being cozied?

Liz said...

the hat is super cute... love all the knits.