Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marbled Rye Bread: Bread of the Week 23

This week I made marbled rye bread. I made one loaf with a bull's-eye marble and one with a marbled effect. The breads are baked on sheet pans, not loaf pans. The marbled loaf was perfect for sliced bread with dinner and the bull's-eye was the right size for sandwiches.

I'm not a big marbled rye fan, so one loaf went home with John and another loaf sat neglected on my counter.


Liz said...

yea, I always think I love rye but only once in a while. The loaves are beautiful though... photogenic.

essjay said...

Beautiful bread! I love Rye so if you ever need to send any to a good home just let me know!

Frieda said...

I'm not a rye fan, either ~ My parents love rye and gobbled this one up....send your leftovers to essjay~ I agree, it's a beautiful looking loaf of bread!