Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pain de Campagne: Bread of the Week 26

I was excited to try Pain de Campagne because these loaves are perfect for creative shaping. I made pull apart rolls (an epi), a cap (an auvergnat), and a loaf with scissor cuts that make it look cool.

Unfortunately they didn't brown up as well as the last loaves I made. They tasted great despite their paleness.

It's hard to believe I'm halfway to my goal of making a loaf of bread a week. I have gotten much better at baking and I eat less bread than I did before the challenge. I think it's because store bought bread just doesn't taste as good.


essjay said...

1/2 way through already? Where has this year gone?

mary-claire said...

The bread looks so cute!! I like the scissor cut one. Was it hard to cut into them when they looked that good?