Monday, May 26, 2008

AK O'Connors

Last night was a fun night at AK's. I was able to truly relax, having turned in my take home final late in the afternoon. After spending most of my weekend thinking about school I was ready to think about anything other than product management.

Upon arriving at AK's I noticed a poster for the band playing that night; Brother Trucker, one of my favorite bands was playing. I knew I was in for a treat. Stimmel, Todd, Todd's roommate Justin, and I ordered some food and enjoyed the band. After a while Todd and Justin decided to head to the Saddle. Stimmel and I weren't about to leave Brother Trucker, so we stuck around.

It's a good thing we stuck around, because about a half hour after Todd and Justin left Nate and Mark showed up. As you can see from the photo of them below, there really isn't anything quite as intimidating and gangsta as a couple of programmers at an insurance company.

Mark and Nate were in rare form. Nate is by far the most conservative person I know. It was enjoyable listening to Stimmel and Nate discuss politics. Mark and I spent our time talking about other, more important things, like beer.

It has been a relaxing, long weekend. I wish all weekends were three days long.

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