Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend Update

I continue to work on the unscheduled life.

Last night the Stacenator and I decided that we would go out. This might not sound like big news, but it is the first time we've done anything other than happy hour or brunch together in over a year. We started at CABCo. We both love CABCo and it was martini night. It seemed perfect.

I ordered a martini, she ordered a glass of wine. We found a table. We sat down. We started to chat. Then a bachelorette party came in. They were about as fun as a bachelorette party can be...that is to say, they had penis shot glasses. The Stacenator and I continued our conversation and decided that it was quite unlikely that they would come sit by us. The Stacenator and I were wrong. The bachelorette party decided that the table next to ours would be the best table to sit at. That is where the fun began.

The bachelorette party had barely sat down when a guy (who will be referred to as jerkface) started to yell "PENIS" over and over again at the party. The Stacenator and I were appalled (after all, we are classy broads). The bachelorette party was delighted. They could not get enough of Jerkface. Jerkface decided that what the ladies would love is to see his full back tattoo. He took off his jacket, shirt, and undershirt to show the bachelorette party the angel wings he had tattooed all over his back. At that point, the Stacinator and I decided to head to the East Village to check out the Contential.

The Conetential was great. We couldn't complain about the noise, lighting, or the smokiness. That left us tired, so we decided to head home. We were out until a whopping 11 PM. Big stuff for us.

Tonight I spent my Sunday evening the way I intend to: I went to AK's with Ellen to drink beer. After a few beers Ellen found out that her volleyball game was cancelled. We did the responsible thing. We called the people we thought would drink with us. Todd and Justin arrived a few minutes later. Todd met Justin and Ellen, Justin met Todd, and we decided that Un-Happy hour was our new tradition. You've got to love people who will agree to meet you once a week for a drink. I don't like to think of it as planning, that goes against the no schedule idea. I like to think of it as coping: we all have annoying corporate lives to get back to.

After a full weekend of living without a routine, I have to say that I love it. I'm not really excited about getting up at 5 AM to bike to work tomorrow. I know that getting up early to go to a good job after hanging out with wicked awesome friends isn't something to bitch about, but I sure am going to do it tomorrow morning.


Stacey said...

I had fun on Saturday! I love the new basil martini!!

essjay said...

What FUN!!!