Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Carnahan!

My friend Carnahan officially entered her 30s yesterday. To celebrate the big 31 we head out on the town. We started off at Taki for some sushi. The waiter brought us special bomb pop drinks because we were celebrating a birthday. We also had a drink called a flirtini. It was very tasty, but incredibly embarrassing to order. Asking the bartender for a flirtini sort of feels like ordering a vodka kool-aid; it's delicious, but it makes you feel like an underage drinker.

After Taki we headed over to Cooney's to see Ellen, Justin, and Ellen's roommate from Detroit. Cooney's is the other Irish bar in Beaverdale. I included a picture of one of the signs. It makes me want to be an Irish diplomat. Tomorrow we're meeting at AK's for un-happy hour. I'm pretty impressed that we will have hit up every Irish bar in the neighborhood in one weekend.

After that we headed to Dubays. There were lots of current and former CABCo people there. It was sort of like a flashback to my mid-twenties when I spent every weekend there. Carnahan was finally able to meet and thank Robert for giving me some dance tips. I told Carnahan Robert's two rules of dance: don't move your arms much and dance at half the speed you think you should. Those rules improved her skills enough she was able to dance at a wedding last summer without being mocked.

After sharing the story of her date with the most popular guy in my high school class with Stimmel we decided to call it a night.
It was a great night out. I am excited that we have a three day weekend for Memorial Day. I could go for a few more nights like this.


mary-claire said...

Are you wearing a necklace from Aunt Francis? If so, I raise the roof to you, sister.

Sarah said...

I am wearing an Aunt Francis origional.

FlippyHolz said...

Tell Carney happy (belated) b-day and tell her I miss her comedic intervention at work!

Deirdre said...

You know what's going through my head? "Carnahan-han-han!" Now I feel as if I know her. Happy 31st stranger!

Carnahan said...

As you scroll down the page, I look drunker in each photo. Definitely a sign of a good night! Also, thank you for referring to my story about the most popular guy in your high school as a "date".