Friday, June 6, 2008

Biking to Work

I planned on riding my bike to work every day this week. The weather didn't cooperate. It stormed almost every day.

The entire city is soggy. The roads have all flooded. I rode past a chunk of asphalt the size of my back porch that had slid 20 feet down the street. There were three cars abandoned in the middle of the street (don't drive through water people!) . I got a little bit of water in my basement, and it has never flooded before. A few houses down from me my neighbors got four feet of water in their basement.

Luckily it only stormed one morning, so I was able to ride every day but Tuesday. On Tuesday I took the bus, because by the time I got ready it had stopped raining. I'm excited that I didn't drive my car to work once this week.

Next week I'm riding again. I hate leaving my house at 6:15, but leaving work at 3:30 makes up for it. It takes about 25 minutes to get into work, which is the same amount of time it takes me to drive when I include parking ramp time. It takes a little longer coming home, due to the fact that it is uphill for about half of the ride.

All of this riding has got me thinking about buying a new bike. I bought my bike in college. It is a great bike, but it has seen better days. I would love to have two new bikes: a hybrid for riding to work, the grocery store, and AK's and a road bike for when I ride with fast people. Until I get out of school I think I'll settle for a tune up on my old bike and maybe, if I'm feeling really spendy, a new backpack for carrying my stuff into work.

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mary-claire said...

nice work on biking so much! i admire your dedication and ability to make yourself do things. i just read that over- it doesn't sound like i'm being sincere, but i swear i am. keep it up, biketron!