Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last night was dynomite

Last night I went to a 70s party with my friend Sarah. I love going out with Sarah; incredibly random stuff happens whenever we go out. We once went out for a drink and stumbled upon a drag show featuring Ms. Gay Iowa. Another time we went to happy hour and ended up at a party in a loft in the East Village. You just never know what will happen when we hit the town. Last night was not an exception.
The party was a benefit for Stage West Theater Company. There were amazing costumes. Sarah and I decided to go with more of a 1970 look than a disco look. On the drive downtown we realized that we looked a lot like stewardesses. It wasn't exactly what we were going for, but it worked. The party had karaoke and dancing. Jr. High PE finally paid off, as I was able to teach the hustle to the party. After shaking our groove things, Sarah and I made friends with the second place winners in the costume contest and a disco queen.
After talking to our new friends for a while, the randomness started. There was an officer at the party. He's usually a detective, but moonlights at parties downtown because the people are so much fun. He was a really nice guy, and even played along with our photo ops. Not many people are willing to handcuff or reenact police brutality for a photo, and I appreciate his willingness to play along.
After the party ended we headed to a few bars downtown. We ended up at the Royal Mile, where we became friends with a bunch of competitive body builders. They were really nice, and even let us pose with their trophy. Sarah and I can't get enough of props in photos.

It was a night filled with costumes, random encounters, and disco. I wish every Saturday was that cool.


Spider63 said...

cool costumes. looks like you all had fun!

Kathleen said...

Relatively dull week, capped off by just another Saturday night, huh? Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Winky333 said...

You do have the random-est (is that a word?) stuff happen to you. I happened to have my own encounter with a policeman last week. I went to my friend's end of the year preschool party at a park and we almost ended up getting arrested. Not your average end to a preschool party, eh? We stayed at the park after dark...found out that is illegal. I knew that the park was to close at dark, but didn't realize it was illegal...who knew? All is well, he let us go. :-)

Todd said...

guess who's dress was awesome?

Deirdre said...

Seems like Cap'n Potato's boots were re-purposed. How very resourceful!

essjay said...

I love reading about all your adventures!