Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Morning

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling sorry for myself because I wasn't able to go home to Cedar Falls. Luckily Monica called me and asked if I wanted to go to the Downtown Farmers' Market. Not one to miss a chance to buy fresh produce while people watching, I jumped at the chance. We met this morning at Java Joe's. A hot cup of coffee starts the morning off right. After drinking our coffee we decided to split a tart. It was the prettiest thing I have ever had for breakfast.

After the Farmers' Market we met TC and Andrew at the Arts Festival. We went to see Todd's film, Seven Signs: Music, Myth and The American South, at the Interrobang Film Festival, the newest part of the Arts Festival. We were a little early, so we walked around the festival for a little bit. After taking in the scenery we headed to the auditorium.

They were showing Store Per: A Norwegian-American Paul Bunyan of the Prairie before Seven Signs. We figured we would just check out both films, as there wasn't a break between films and we all agreed that anything about a Paul Bunyan type couldn't be bad.

At this time I'd like to break narrative and give some advice to all of you filmmakers who may be reading my blog. Never, ever, ever say that your main character is like Paul Bunyan if he is in no way like Paul Bunyan. If the main character is stronger than average, and a few inches above average that does NOT mean that he is like Paul Bunyan. It just means that he is bigger than normal. That is not exciting. Now if your character has a big blue ox or created the Grand Canyon by dragging his ax behind him, by all means say he is a Paul Bunyan figure, until then, don't lie to me through tall tale heroes.

The Store Per documentary was bad. Very bad. After about 45 minutes we decided we would leave and come back. When you are part of a group of 4 crowd averse people you pretty much have one choice at the Arts Festival - you go to Raccoon River and grab a beer.

Upon returning to the auditorium we were told that the Store Per documentary was almost over. We found some seats and watched the end of the documentary. It was the longest 15 minutes I can remember.

Luckily the film eventually ended and we were able to enjoy Seven Signs. It was wonderful. I wish there was a soundtrack, as the music was great. It was good enough that it was worth sitting through the living hell that was the Store Per documentary.

I'm at home now, resting up for the opening at Java Joe's and horse party tonight. I am staying busy enough I'm no longer homesick.


Monica said...

I had soooo much fun on our day at the farmer's market and artfest!!! You could not have emphasized the awefulness enough of the so-called documentary that was NOT on Paul Bunyn!!! BTW, I think you should have taken a picture of the tiger bunny all by itself- that was really something to behold, and even funnier that you thought at first that that was the piece I was pointing to as mine! lol!!

Monica said...

p.s. you have inspired me to start a blog here myself because you are so awesome and I wanted to be able to comment on your blog! lol! So we'll see how that goes! :D it's:
(how narcissistic, i know!)