Friday, August 15, 2008

Crafting Weekend

This week has flown by. Weeks tend to do that if you've had a wonderful weekend. Last weekend was great. I spent Saturday knitting with Claire, Deirdre, and Kathleen. We all worked on various crafts and spent a good deal of time talking. I made a lot of progress on my scrap yarn afghan, and caught up with some of my favorite people. I would love to write more about our crafting weekend, but it was a week ago, so it's difficult to remember the details.

On Wednesday I was able to go to lunch with two more of my favorite people, Mom and Aunt Kathy. It was a nice break from a busy week to get caught up with them.

Aunt Kathy does not read blogs, so I can finally feel free to say how I really feel about her. When I was in Key West for Rob's wedding I had the opportunity to partake in a lot of champagne on a catamaran. After the boat ride I told Kathy "You're more than an aunt, you're also my friend." Aunt Kathy responded with "Drink your beer, Sarah." It may be one of the best comebacks to a proclamation of friendship ever, but there is truth behind my friend statement. Aunt Kathy is cool. She is very funny and has a lot of insight. I'm lucky to live close enough to her to see her often.

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Deirdre said...

I tend to think of Kathy as a precious little monkey. We should start a fan club.