Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Cumming Tap

On Saturday I went for a long ride. Todd and I rode down to Water Works Park, where we met up with Stimmel. From there we road to Cumming, IA. Cumming is a small town just west of Norwalk. You may be familiar with it if you are a fan of Tom Harkin.

The best part about getting to Cumming is the Cumming Tap. As you can see, Todd was really excited to get there.

Once inside the Cumming Tap we had a few beers. The prices are great, and so is the selection. It is easy to spend a little too long at the tap. After you enjoy a cold Boulevard in a frosty mug it's easy to talk yourself into putting off getting back on your bike. Especially when you know there is a big hill at the end of the ride.

After the ride home I was ready for bed. Unfortunately it was only 6:30. The one problem with drinking in biking is that it wears you out. It is like tailgating, if you start drinking you had best keep at it or you're falling asleep.

I managed to stay up until midnight without having another drink, but I would not describe myself as vivacious last night. Were it not for the desire to actually win a game of euchre I may have fallen asleep at the table.

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Monica said...

Isn't that what RAGBRAI is? Biking and drinking in large doses?? :D

Interesting name of both the town and the bar! Hmm!;D