Friday, August 8, 2008

Fair Food

I went to the fair last night. For some people the fair is about the butter cow or the largest pig. Sure, those are fun to see, but for me the fair is about people watching and fried food on a stick.

We got to the fair about six. Stimmel started with a corn dog, and I started with a vegetarian corn dog.

Then Stimmel had another corndog.

Then we saw a guy wearing a plastic bag as a hat.

After the guy in the plastic bag hat we saw some tractor square dancing. There was a very large group of people watching the tractor square dancing. Tractor square dancing, I have to admit, is not something I see the beauty in.

Then Stimmel had another corndog.

At this point we got to my favorite part of the fair. The part that I talk about year round. The #1 reason I go to the fair. The Jr. Donut stand. The donuts were toasty and delicious. Perfectly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. If you eat one food item at the fair, I highly recommend Jr. Donuts.

Then Stimmel had another corndog.

I was happy to find Monica at the Bud tent. We always find a lot to talk about, and spend most of our time laughing.

Monica is a good sport, and will pose for all sorts of pictures. She even agreed to frolic in the bubbles.

Andrew was able to cross an item off his bucket list last night: he enjoyed a fried Snickers. He was a trooper and finished all of it.

Then Stimmel had another corndog.

Then Stimmel had another corndog.

All of this talk of food on a stick is making me hungry. I think I'll make a grilled cheese sandwich. If only I can figure out how to get it on a stick....


Winky333 said...

I bet if you used a chunk of cheese, speared through it with a stick, wrapped the bread around it, and then cooked it, that it would work on a stick. Yum, sounds good.

I can't wait to go to the fair! Indiana State Fair tomorrow night, Iowa State Fair Monday and Wednesday!

Corn dogs are my favorite at the fair, too, but I don't think I'll catch up on those even in my two days there.

Monica said...

Have you noticed how Stimmel's smile gets bigger and bigger in each progressing picture of the corndog countdown?! LOL! He looks very proud and happy by number 6!!!

slipsec said...

"Have you noticed how Stimmel's smile gets bigger and bigger in each progressing picture of the corndog countdown"

-- hey I had a few beers between the corndogs too :)

FYI... don't see how many corndogs you can eat at the fair. The next morning didn't feel the greatest :(


Monica said...

yahhh....we could've told you that...but that would've been too obvious to mention! ;D And there's no fun in that!