Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Buddy Todd

I am lucky to have many wonderful friends. Tonight I was able to hang out with one of them.

Tonight Todd (who you may remember from my trip to Cumming and from eating the blueberry pie that I made) was kind enough to follow me to Grimes. In Grimes I dropped off my car at the shop and hopped in Todd's car for the ride home.

On the drive back to Des Moines we talked about what a beautiful night it was. The temperature had cooled and it wasn't quite as humid. It was too beautiful of a night to waste. We decided we needed to enjoy such a beautiful evening, so we headed to the rooftop patio of B&B.

To be honest, the view from the rooftop of B&B isn't that great. You can see the hardware store, a couple of banks, a few stores, and lots of trees. The view isn't really the point of the rooftop bar. It's more about the company and community. The rooftop is essential Beaverdale. It may sound cliche, but my neighborhood is a neighborhood. I rarely spend an evening up there without running into one of my neighbors or someone I know.

I'm glad that I didn't run into anyone tonight. Being alone with Todd meant that we could catch up. We could talk about what is going on in our lives. We could talk about what we are searching for. We could talk about our dreams. We got to know each other better.

In addition to getting to know each other better, we were able to talk about our next ride to Cumming. Todd and I are dedicated to riding together as long as the weather holds. We are dedicated to listening to the stories we have from our crazy/bland weekends (they fluctuate; we do too much or nothing at all). Most importantly, Todd and I are dedicated to being there for each other. I know that if I need a cup of sugar or a ride to Grimes I can walk down the street to Todd's, and he can do the same. That says a lot. After all, Todd is a Cyclone fan. It says a lot about our friendship if I can look past something disgusting to be his confidan.


ToddDSM said...

This was just beautiful, up until the end when you called me disgusting for being a Cyclone. For the record, I grew up Hawk. My family were all die-hard Hawkeyes. But when I grew up, I got smart and became a Cylone. I, unlike you, don't hate the Hawks though. They were my first love. As long as they aren't playing the Cyclones I support them... well unless they play Drake too. I lived in the "hood" for too long not to be a Bulldog. But anyways, the ode to Todd was gorgeous, and I'm glad to have you as a friend, neighbor and biking buddy... not to mention someone to sit on the rooftop of B&B's and have a drink with!! <3

Winky333 said...

Go Illini!