Friday, February 19, 2010

Have you ever Spelt like that?

Confession: I really like giving stuff up for Lent. Last year it was the elevator. The year before that it was coffee. This year it's prepackaged food.

I am cheating a little bit - peanut butter only has three ingredients, so I figure it's OK, and I can't drink milk so I'm sticking with soy milk. But other than that I'm stuck cooking even more than usual.

I didn't think it would be a big deal. I bake my own bread already. I make most of my food from scratch. Then I remembered my addiction to salty crunchy snacks. Some people say that you can eat carrots or celery and get the same crunchy pleasure. Those people are liars. When it comes down to it you need crackers or pretzels or chips.

And so tonight I came home from work and whipped up some spelt crackers. Well, first I had to stop at the health food store because I was fresh out of spelt. Can you believe it? What's that saying? A kitchen isn't a kitchen without a bag of spelt? But I digress... I tried the spelt everything crackers from the Smitten Kitchen. I rolled them as thin as I could, sprinkled them with sesame seeds, minced garlic, coarse sea salt, and minced onion. Less than an hour after I started I was munching on homemade crackers.

How are they? The parts that I rolled thin are pretty tasty. The thicker portions taste like health food (not in a good way). I'm planning on making some hummus tomorrow to spread on the crackers. I think it will be tasty. Not Wheat Thins tasty, mind you, but Lenten tasty. And that is plenty good enough for me.


MamaLizKnits said...

oooh. I hope you post more of your non-pre-packaged recipes. I'm always shifting in that direction.

I gave up buying yarn for lent.


There. I said it! I really have to stick to it now, huh?

I bought quinoa at the store tonight... do you have any good quinoa recipes?

essjay said...

What an awesome thing to give up for lent! I bet the hummus will taste great on them!