Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cranberry Pecan Bread: Bread of the Week 14

This week I made cranberry pecan bread. It is a sweet braided bread that was perfect for breakfast on Easter morning.

My favorite part about cooking at my Mom and Dad's house is that I have a sous-chef that helps me with everything, from measuring to kneading to braiding. It is a lot of help, especially from someone who doesn't like nuts. He is also very good at pies and whipped cream. If you ever need help in the kitchen I highly recommend Conor.

While I was at home Mom gave me my great grandma's pastry blender. I am lucky to have a piece of family history at my disposal whenever I make pies.

Mom & Dad recently got a flat top stove, so Mom can no longer use the Le Creuset that they got for their wedding over 40 years ago. I was pleased as punch to be able to take home two long coveted pieces of kitchenware. I hope to be using them in 40 years.

I had a wonderful Easter with my family. It was great to be home and spend time together, even if my car did get egged (seriously, my car got egged. And no, I'm not in high school).


mary-claire said...

the pictures look so amazing already! you're a natural! the pastry blender thingy one is particularly gorgeous. excellent work!

Frieda said...

What a neat legacy to inherit your family's kitchen items~ sorry your car got egged. Our house got egged 2 months ago...not fun.

crosenfe said...

I have a flat-topped stove and use Le Creuset pots. Lucky you, though!!!

essjay said...

What great gifts to get from your family! I admire Le Creuset at William-Sanoma every time I'm there.

essjay said...

(and that bread looks amazing....where is the recipie from?)

Sarah said...

The recipe is from the Bread Baker's Apprentice. It's a wonderful resource - I highly recommend it.