Friday, April 9, 2010

Opening Day

After a long and snowy winter it's hard to believe that baseball season is already here. The Cubs have already broken my heart a few times. I headed to the I Cubs home opener last night to see if the AAA Cubs would be starting the season on the same depressing note that the Chicago Cubs did.

We had the best seats I've ever had at an I Cubs game. We were a few rows up just past first base. Even in the cold I was able to concentrate on the entire game. I didn't even want to get up for a beer and an ear of roasted corn dipped in butter - but I muddled through and purchased refreshments.

It was a chilly game. A player from the other team had his coat brought out to him when he was on first base and ran the bases in a jacket. We were hopeful that the jacket would slow him down. Unfortunately it didn't, and the Sounds increased their lead.

So the I Cubs lost. In the cold. But the truth of the matter is that doesn't matter. We were able to spend an evening with our good friends Jeff and Emily. If you can have a great time when it's 50 degrees out and you're watching your team lose you know that you are blessed with terrific friends.

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essjay said...

I'm glad you had such a great time despite the cold! I love those brisk but beautiful days like we had yesterday!