Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mayor's Ride

Yesterday morning I did my first ride of the year. I'm a little late getting out on the bike this year, as my gears have been sticking and I didn't feel comfortable riding. John was nice enough to spend his Friday night fixing my bike while I was out with Beth.

My bike was fixed just in time. Saturday was the Mayor's Ride for Trails. Jess and I met up in Beaverdale and rode downtown together. We did the twenty mile route and then headed to Smokey Row for a cup of coffee. While at the coffee shop we ran into the bike ninja - a guy that we passed at least five times on the ride yet we never saw pass us. He stopped for a while and the three of us discussed how friendly the bike community is.
A great example of biker friendliness is the guy that took our picture before the ride. He was drafting off of me about 12 miles into the ride. I didn't realize how close he was, and accidentally farmer blew my nose on him. He was really nice about it and admitted he had been following to closely.

Yesterday was not only my first ride of the season, it was my first ride with Jess. Jess is a knitting buddy who will definitely be a biker buddy too. I had a lot of fun riding and chatting with her. She used to race bikes and she is an awesome knitter, so she's pretty much one of the coolest people I know.


essjay said...

I'm so glad you two had a great time - the weather was lovely for a ride! I enjoyed the bike ninja story from Jess yesterday!

Jplantgirl said...

I had a great ride too, a lot of fun! Looking forward to many more!