Monday, April 19, 2010

Maker Monday: week 16

This week I finished my socks. I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing them every day. I have never worn socks as comfortable as this.

I didn't think socks would be so enjoyable to make. There is a pretty good chance I'm going to become addicted to sock knitting. It's the perfect project for travel as the entire project will fit in a purse. I am even thinking of keeping a pair at John's house so I don't have to haul my knitting bag back and forth.


essjay said...

They look great! I too am amazed at how wonderful hand knit socks are to wear.

Ivy said...

Way to go, Sarah Jane! I should have my own pair of socks to bring to our knitting date this weekend - buying sock yarn is my new obsession, but I've yet to actually start making a pair. :) Also, can you point me to the pattern for the Bella mittens you used?