Sunday, November 14, 2010

Iowa State Fair

Last Sunday Ivy and I walked the Fairgrounds 5k. It was a beautiful day for a walk. Walking around the fairgrounds reminded me of the fun I had at the fair this year. I also realized that I never shared that fun with you.

John and I went to the fair on opening day. His company had a gathering in the Bud Tent so we headed there after work. It looked like a beautiful day.
It may have looked like a beautiful day, but it really wasn't. The heat was oppressive, with the heat index well over 100. It was so hot I could barely finish my beer on a stick. John only ate three corn dogs.

Three days after that I headed to the fair with Hot Toddy and Ivy. It wasn't quite as hot that day, but it was still the type of weather where you sweat sitting still. Todd had a tenderloin.
And then a frozen banana with Ivy.
After that we headed to the air conditioned buildings. After checking out the 4H exhibits we went to the Equestrian center where Ivy pointed out her family's plaque. We sat in the air conditioning and enjoyed a horse show before deciding it was too hot to stay at the fair.

I was back at the fair a third time on the last day. Carla, Stacey, Sarah and I went to see Sherly Crow. We had a great time hanging out and dancing at the Depot before heading in to the show. We'll be going to another concert in 2011.

The fairgrounds looked a lot different last Sunday when I did the 5k. I enjoyed the quiet, but I'll be back for the crowds again next year. And for the veggie corn dogs. And the mini donuts. Thanks to the 5k I'm better informed about fair food. At every mile they had signs that told you how much you burned off. 1 mile was cotton candy. 2 miles was a caramel apple. 3 miles was a corn dog. John was not happy to learn that you need to run 3 miles to burn off 1 corn dog.

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essjay said...

I miss the veggie corn dogs at the fair. Nothing can compare!