Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stuff that has been bugging me

I went for a run tonight. It was the first time I have been running since I fell on my face last year. My run was wonderful. I had forgotten how much I love running. It hurt like hell, but it was fun. I thought I hated running, but it turns out I just hate long runs. Three miles is just about perfect. It gave me plenty of time to think about some things that have been bugging me lately.

The following things bug me:

1. The coffee shop in my office. You would think I would love it, as I have a love of coffee and it is fewer than 100 steps from my desk (yes, I counted). But I can't stand it. It has a horrible name - Jazzman's. Try walking past it and not getting Lisa Simpson singing Jazzman stuck in your head. Come on, try it.....I dare you. It is also expensive. Coffee is $.50 cents more a cup at out Jazzman's than it is down the skywalk at Wells Fargo. Why wouldn't I walk there if I wanted Jazzman's? They have more flavors.

2. The sushi place in the skywalk. They are expensive, slow, and the sushi is sub-par. If I am going to spend more on a roll than I would at Taki, it had better be rolled correctly. I had it for lunch today and it kept falling apart. I waited 20 minutes for them to make it, you would think that they had enough time to roll it tightly.

3. Dove Ultimate Clear go fresh deodorant. I normally am a fan of Dove products, but this is the worst product I have ever seen from them. I got a sample in the mail yesterday, and I will not be using it. Why won't I be? The scent is waterlily & freshmint. That's right, freshmint. Who was the product manager that thought "hey, people love mint gum, they will love minty armpits." Did they use a focus group at all? Did the market researchers suggest mint as a joke? I just don't understand how they came up with this product.

4. Target furniture. I usually love Target furniture. As I look around my house I only see primarily Target furniture. I bought a buffet on Sunday (did I mention I'm good at procrastinating), and just finished putting it together yesterday. It took approximately 10 hours to put together. It's not that I can't read directions or build stuff - heck, I totally rocked 8th grade industrial tech. It's because the directions were crappy and they didn't pre-drill the holes on the doors. Now that it's done it looks good, but I will look at it with resentment for weeks.

5. The knitting store in Valley Junction. Would it kill them to carry Lamb's Pride? Or organic yarns? I don't like buying yarn on line. Once I decide I want yarn I want to knit with it right away. The suspense of the US postal service it just too much for me.

6. The wine selection at my grocery store. Seriously, would it kill them to carry petite sirah? Even the closest liquor store to me only has two types. I love petite sirah. Maybe they could make Sideways II and have the character obsessed with it. Perhaps then I would be able to pick it up everywhere.

7. Product Management. The class. I had my last final yesterday and Product Management starts on Friday. I am just not ready to start class again.

In conclusion: I have a wonderful life. This is really all that is bugging me. I am so lucky and so blessed. All I have to complain about are things that are above and beyond anything I need.

Expensive coffee and sushi? There are people that can't even afford food. There was a time when I considered getting one cup of coffee a week at a coffee shop a treat. Now there are days when I go get coffee more than once.

Mint deodorant and putting together furniture? I have choices. I didn't get my deodorant from a women's shelter that I checked into to avoid further abuse. I have a house that I own and can afford to furnish.

Yarn and wine selections? Frankly, sometimes I sound like too much of a yuppie.

School? Some people don't get to graduate from high school, even fewer graduate from college. I have the opportunity to go to grad school. As much as I complain about it, I know how blessed I am.

It was a great run. Three miles is enough to give me perspective on how great I really have it. It may sound cheesy, but I really do have a wonderful life. I have great friends and a wonderful family. Each of you enriches my life. Thank you for that.


Winky333 said...

Since the yarn thing is bugging you, let me issue you a challenge (or at least get suggestions from you). For our fall product sale, the theme is "Go Green". We have decided that for training, we want to challenge people to "dress green". That can be whatever their interpretation is. I would like to make (or have help making)an outfit that is knitted and/or crocheted, out of plastic shopping bags. I'm thinking at least some type of skirt, perhaps a shirt of some sort. Any thoughts? Might you be up to that challenge? :-)

bottled_milk said...

Fantastic. I would have to encourage you though to boycott any establishment that would name itself Jazzman. Maybe it was based on a dare?

Kathleen said...

Right back at you.

PS - I would like to see a picture of Ellen's skirt.

PS 2 - You are, by definition, a yuppie.

zimman18 said...

Jazzmans not only sucks squirrel turds but their fascist prices have outraged me also. I too am boycotting. Please explain how I get a small thing of beef jerky, and a Rockstar energy drink and the total is $7 f-ind dollars!

Someone will pay for this, even if it is one of

essjay said...

That was a productive run, wasn't it! You should join those of us who are chipping in $5 a piece to start a rockin' local yarn store - with coffee and Lamb's Pride, but probably not the sushi! ;)

DiscKnits said...

Boo local yarn shops! Hooray yuppy wine!

Deirdre said...

I curse Jazzman's every morning too! Does it help to know they are a subsidiary of Sodexho catering, a massive conglomerate that runs most prison and college/university food service systems around the world? Rat bastards...