Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wanna go ride bikes?

I went on my first bike ride of the year today. It was wonderful. I am so excited that it is warm enough to be outside.

I like to ride bikes. I ride them like a kid. This often surprises people, because I'm a cycle teacher. Inside the gym I am a serious biker. I work my class, and myself, hard. If there isn't sweat dripping off of every member of the class 10 minutes into class I'm not doing my job.

Outside of the gym, I am not serious. I usually ride with like minded individuals. Upon occasion, we don't even make it to the end of the ride before we pop into the bar for a beer (The Cumming Tap has great beer specials). Here is what I wore on my ride today: a purple shirt with a beer on it, cut off capris, and my helmet.

Today I rode with a real biker. A fast biker. One with a jersey. One with shorts. With shoes that don't look like a toddler would wear them. And a fancy road bike. I ride a mountain bike, which I bought in 1997. I felt like a dork. An out of shape dork. At least I'm a snappy dresser.


Kathleen said...

I'd say you were a spiffy dresser.

Deirdre said...

Love the clam diggers! If I owned a bike, I'd definitely want to ride with you.

FlippyHolz said...

Yeah Ok nothing to do with your post (but you know its great and all) but I need your info in order to PIF for your super special gifty gift. Email it to me at the place of bid'ness and let the karma flow!

essjay said...

You may have felt like an out of shape dork but at least you got on that bike and took a ride!!!

Stacey said...

nothing to do with the post.. just finally getting on here to tell you I love your blog :)

good luck on the quiz!!

Kathleen said...

No post since Saturday, and you hope my next picture is cooler??