Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beaverdale Live

Last Saturday night was Beaverdale Live, a street party in my neighborhood with a couple of bands. I had a lot of fun at it last year so this year I volunteered to sell beer tickets. I'm glad I volunteered, as I was there early enough to pick up some free Beaverdale Live coozies. I also got two free beers and a Miller Lite t-shirt (if you're really nice to me you can borrow my shirt). I was working the shift with two women I work with on the fall festival committee, so it gave us a chance to come up with ideas for the next Beaverdale event.
There's always a good showing at Beaverdale events. We were a little worried, as it was the same weekend as WineFest & Pride. Luckily the nice weather drew the crowds out. Monica and Andrew stopped by, and Justin even came from the South Side (He likes to see how the other half live).

Towards the end of the night Stimmel got cold enough to wear my sweatshirt. I was a little chilly, but it was totally worth it to have him wear a sweatshirt with my name on the back. It opened it up for all sorts of jokes about how I like to make him wear it so the ladies know he's mine.

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