Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thank you Aunt Kathy, Deirdre, Claire, and Gjergji!!!

Thank you very much for the amazing food processor. My first food processor is a 3 cup model. For a long time I thought that was all I needed, and then I discovered baking with a food processor. Now with my 14 cup model I can make all of the breads that have been bookmarked in old issues of Cooks Illustrated and Bon Appetit.

To test it out I made white sandwich bread today. It came together easily and looks tasty. I'm trying to wait for it to cool before I tear into it. I'll keep you posted on how it went.

In appreciation of your amazing gift I've come up with an assortment of gift related puns for your pleasure. Well, for the pleasure of Claire & Deirdre. I'm pretty sure Kathy will groan and tell me I'm sick the next time she sees me.
  • I guess Sunday afternoons are for loafing around.
  • Any way you slice it, it's a great present.
  • You didn't need to spend all of that dough.
  • It is hard to process such a nice gift.
  • I'll raise a toast to you (it will have strawberry jam on it).
Did that get a rise out of you?


Deirdre said...

No need to worry about my mother's rejection of your puns. Something has gone a-rye with her sense of humor.

Kathleen said...

I've spent the last 10 minutes trying to come up with an additional pun, and had resigned myself to the fact that only Mary-Claire would be able to. Then I see that Deirdre has done so quite nicely. I blame the fact that I don't have a food processor. (And I realize that excuse is half-baked). What an awesome present!!

Mary said...

You tell em, Sarah, You've got the crust!!

crosenfe said...

Your bread looks really beautiful! If only I could get myself one of those fancy schmance food processors! Your puns are really impressive! I keep thinking "crusty", but I'm going to leave that alone.

mary-claire said...

I just spent the whole day racking my brain trying to live up to Kathleen's comment... and I got nothing, just some stale jokes.

Kathy said...

Are you trying to rise my temper?