Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Too Hot for Baseball

Today I went to an I Cubs game with Allyson, Seymour, and TC. It was hot. It wasn't warm. It wasn't toasty. It was smoldering. It was the kind of heat where the air is so heavy you don't know if you are strong enough to take your next breath.

We started in the bleachers, as it was the only spot in GA to avoid summer camps. After half an inning we decided that it was much too hot of a day to sit on metal, so we found seats by a camp.

The not bleacher seats weren't much better. It was still too hot to think. So I don't know if they won. I couldn't concentrate on the game, as I was trying not to pass out. I left at the bottom of the sixth. I just couldn't hack it. But I tell you what, if are going to chance heat exhaustion at a game, you can't find a better group of friends to do it with.

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DiscKnits said...

Dood! I totally almost had a staff outing to that game with my staff! But we decided it was too hot.