Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flat Tire and Friendly People

On my drive to work this morning in what seems like balmy 7 degree weather I got a flat tire. Not a low tire, but a poof all of the air is out of my tire right now flat tire. Not in Beaverdale or downtown where there were places I could walk for help either; on MLK by Marteniz auto (which was not open).

I didn't know where to go for help. I forgot my cell phone, so I couldn't call John to cry for help. I wasn't close to any businesses I knew I could get help at. I had to learn how to change a tire.

So I got out the book from my glove compartment, opened my trunk, and tried to figure it all out. I got the tire and jack out and tried to get to work. I didn't get very far. The book with the car doesn't really have directions. One of the directions was to jack the car up. It didn't tell you how to do it. It was pretty frustrating.

I was staring at the tire cursing myself for forgetting my cell phone and not paying attention when Derek changed my tire for me in the fall of 2002 when a car stopped. A very nice man got out and offered to help. This wasn't just any helpful guy, this was an angel mechanic. He had a real jack in his trunk. And one of those metal x things that takes lug nuts off. He changed my tire in fewer than 5 minutes. It would have taken me 45 minutes, at least.

I am so thankful for the man who was willing to get out of his warm car when it is 7 degrees out to help you change a tire. Not only did he help me out of a tough situation, he reminded me that even though it is easier to drive by and ignore problems, five minutes of your time can make a difference to someone. This year I hope I stop rushing so much. I want to take time to help out my community and make Des Moines a better place.


MamaLizKnits said...

I wanted to cry for you! I could see you looking all pitiful on the side of the road. If I were in town, and I didn't know you... I totally wouldn't have been able to change your tire but I'd let you borrow my phone. FUR REALZ.

I'm glad the nice guy stopped to help you!

essjay said...

I love feel good stories like this. I find myself losing faith in humanity and then stories like this pop up. I'm sorry you had a flat tire but I'm thankful that someone stopped to help you!

DiscKnits said...

I am thankful for that mystery man, too! It's just one more reason why people in Iowa (or just people in general) are awesome.