Monday, January 11, 2010

Maker Monday: week two

This week wasn't very productive. I spent more time frogging than I did actually knitting. It was a frustrating week. I unraveled three projects, including a hat that was about 5 rows from being done. I was expecting to accomplish a lot this week because it has been too cold to do anything else. A busy weekend kept me away from getting more done.

All I finished were snowshoeing hats for Emily and me. They match Ellie's legwarmers. I love them because they are just so cheery.

OTN I have a chemo cap for Monica and Mom's scarf (now 14 inches long). I had my sweater on the needles, but after knitting a few inches I decided I wasn't happy with the cast on I used (knit cast on) so I tore it out and intend to start over just as soon as I'm done with Monica's cap.

The sweater is a simple cardigan and I just can't decide which cast on method to use. I'm hoping I can get some help from my knitting readers.

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essjay said...

Cute hats - they are cheery in this winter white aren't they?