Monday, January 18, 2010

Maker Monday: week three

This was an incredibly frustrating week for knitting. All I finished was a chemo cap. I would have gotten more accomplished, but I ended up tearing out all or part of the cap five times. I could have made an afghan in the time it took to make it. The most frustrating part is that this is the third time I've made the hat. I had never had a problem with the pattern before. I think my difficulties may stem from trying to watch Pop Up Video and knit at the same time. I probably should only knit to boring shows.

I have a simple garter stitch scarf on the needles using a variegated yarn. It was supposed to be for charity, but may end up as a gift instead. I'm going to wait to decide. Mom's scarf is now 16.5 inches long. I plan to focus more on that this week. I'm also hoping to cast on for my sweater after deciding which cast on to use (thanks Amanda).

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essjay said...

Looks good - sorry it was such a pain! Hopefully the garter stitch will clear the knitting channels so your mom's scarf goes well!