Monday, January 25, 2010

Maker Monday: week four

This week was a much better week for knitting. I was very productive, which is to be expected given the ice day last Wednesday.

I started out by working on a very simple scarf. It was supposed to be for charity, but I ended up giving it to Stacey instead. It's cheery and happy, like her personality.

After the scarf I worked on a couple of chemo caps for Monica. They are both made with soft machine washable yarn. I like the rainbow one the best.

On the needles I have a sweater. It will be on the needles for a long time. I'm not rushing to finish it, but I do plan on working on it a few nights a week.

Mom's scarf is now 24 inches long. I need to ask her how long she would like it. It is probably 20% finished now. It's coming along nicely. I'm so used to the pattern I can now knit it while talking or watching TV (but not the combination)

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essjay said...

I love the way the scarf patterned - it looks so cheery!!