Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bless Their Hearts!

The Sunday after Sturgis Falls I was on a relay team for the Hy Vee Triathlon. It was a lot of fun....once we were done. While I was biking I wanted to quit. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that Anj would kick my butt if I stopped.

Many people start training for a tri the year before the event. If you are doing the relay people spend at least 12 weeks in training. Not us. A month before the tri Anj and I were walking back from Starbucks talking about how it would be fun to do a tri some day. We then decided a relay would be fun. Anj mentioned it to her husband and we had a swimmer and we signed up to the tri the next day. We had less than a month to train. Lesson learned: never tell Matt your plans - he will make you follow through.

Our team was named Bless Their Hearts! because we figured that is what people would say when they saw us. As in "Bless their hearts, they sure are trying!" or "Bless her heart, look at her try to ride that bike up that great big hill." Our goal was to not finish last among the female relays teams.

We really didn't do too bad. We were in the middle of the pack. I hope to be back in the tri next year, as a member of team Bless Their Hearts! I can honestly say that the one thing I got out of doing the relay is that I would never want to do an entire tri. The training would take so much time it wouldn't be worth it for me. When would I have time to sit on my couch eating snacks and drinking beer?

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