Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Open Letter to Marcia Dreesman

Dear Marcie,

I received your phone call in reference to my spare bedroom. You are welcome to move in, provided you abide by the rules of the house. The rules are as follows:

1. You will make French toast for me every morning.

2. At breakfast I would like a cup of coffee - black.

3. Once the coffee is ready wake me up. I don't like mornings, so I think you bringing me coffee every morning would help me start my day.

4. While I'm at work I expect you to clean my house and walk Cooper. You will also need to put air in my bike tires and lay out my clothes so I don't skip a ride.

5. When I get home I want to be handed a cold beer.

6. We will knit together at least three times a week. I expect my handiwork to be oohed and aaahed over.

7. I will need you to make some of your delicious onion rings once a week. Also, it would help if you would learn how to fry pickles like they do at Z's.

8. I expect you to become a gourmet vegetarian chef.

9. We will walk to AK's at least once a week during patio season.

I trust these will not be an issue and you will be moving in soon. I look forward to sharing a home with you.



Deirdre said...

I'm completely willing to do all of these things (if Marcie will teach me how to make her onion rings). Can I move in?

Sarah said...

I would love it if you would move in! Move on down to Iowa!