Sunday, July 19, 2009

This one's for Mom

When I was growing up one of the many things I did that annoyed my Mother was not untying my shoes when I took them off. She used to say "when you buy your shoes you can take them off how you want." I'm sure I rolled my eyes every time she said that.

I hadn't thought about Mom & untying shoes in a long time. Until yesterday when I walked into my room and found two pairs of shoes, still tied, on the floor. I don't remember the last time I untied my shoes to take them off.

Now that I buy my shoes you would think that I would be more careful about my shoe removal tactics. Unfortunately, I still step on the back and slip out my foot. Some things never change. I just hope Mom isn't as annoyed now that I buy them myself.


Deirdre said...

Reading this makes me want to drink some pop in the living room, watch more than one hour of TV a day or otherwise celebrate that I'm living by my own rules.

Mary said...