Friday, July 16, 2010

Date Night

Last Friday John and I had a date night. We took a break from the routine of Friday night sushi or TV and pizza post run (for me) or ride (for him). I do feel a little bit silly for typing that we had a date night. Our regular Fridays are actually pretty great dates, we just like to step it up a notch every couple of months.
Last week was a great date night. It was the best date I've ever been on. We started the evening at Cafe Di Scala for an amazing meal. The service is great, the ambiance is cozy, and the food makes you wish that you could eat there every single day.
After dinner we went to the sculpture garden and took a photo walk. I had a lot of fun taking photos of Nomad, my favorite sculpture in the park. I'm looking forward to Mary-Claire's next visit so I can do a photo walk with her. I love using her camera to take photos.
It was a great night. I'm looking forward to taking photos of the sculpture garden at night in the snow this winter.


The Curran Family said...

Those are great pictures! Your Friday nights are much more exciting than what I post :)

essjay said...

What a great date night. I've yet to make it down to the sculpture garden and now I want to go at night and during the day!