Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Kathleen

Today was a busy day. I picked up Conor and Ellie at 9 and we headed to Baby Boomers for pancakes. There was a half hour wait for food, so we placed our order and went for a walk. Luckily there is a lot to check out in the East Village.
We had perfect timing. We got back to the counter as our pancakes arrived. We each ordered one. They are pretty big pancakes. We couldn't finish them.

After breakfast we got to work on baking a birthday cake for Kathleen. While it baked Ellie created some art and Conor played video games with Stimmel.

Ellie helped me frost and decorate the cake. She's a natural. She's better at piping words than I am.
I think it turned out great. I'm sure she will love it.

I had a great time with Conor and Ellie today. I'm looking forward to cooking with them again soon.
And now I will take a nap.


Kathleen said...

They had so much fun! And it was the best frosting I've ever had. Thank you!

mary-claire said...

Oooh! The cake looks so good! What recipe did you use? I'm jealous of your Conor and Ellie day. I bet all of you had a great time.